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Chapter 13 Beach Couple

  • The morning light was shining through the window. I was snuggling closer to him. "Sun, window, too bright, my eyes." He chuckled, but then got up and close the curtain. I sighed and slumped back to the luscious pillows.
  • "This is good Alex, I definitely need this. Thanks, baby."
  • He was pulling me to his chest. "Now that we've done the sexy. You want to do an old couple thing, walking on the beach and shop all day?"
  • "Later Alex, I'm still dying from last night. Just hold me, and let me hibernate. I need my strength back."
  • "Wait, I'm going to make us some coffee and see if I can get our breakfast to be delivered from the inn that we visited last night." He kissed my cheek and pulled the cover, while he got up, showing me his sexy backside as he walks out of the room.
  • Mmm... I really needed this weekend. I thought to myself and drifted off to sleep again.
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