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Chapter 15 Jealous Francois

  • Monday morning came too soon. I was stretching my body, making him groaned beside me. Damn! I haven't even been home since the weekend getaway. Alex insisted that I stay with him and that he would drop me off at my place in the morning.
  • He always gets what he wants, so here I was at seven in the morning trying to get up and start the day. I went to the bathroom, and do my stuff then to his kitchen only to find his over the top coffee machine that I couldn't operate. I sighed and got back to his room.
  • "Alex baby, you need to make me coffee. I need to function normally this morning and I need my coffee fix." He was taking his pillow and put it on his face, and back to sleep.
  • "Alex! Okay then I'm taking a cab back and having my coffee back at my place." I huffed and turned my back to him. I was walking out of his room, and on my second step when he yelled.
  • "I'm up! I'm up! Don't leave yet. You're my morning fix Addie. I still need you." He stood naked in front of me, looking sexy as hell.
  • Damn him and his sleeping attire.
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