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Chapter 23 Family Matters

  • I decided to go back to my apartment, then packed up to accompany him to the hospital. I was going to let him decide, whether he wanted me to stay the night or not.
  • I was still not sure about us, but at least I would not abandon him when he was hospitalized. "Chris? Yes, it's Adriana. Can you get to the lobby...I'd like to get back to my apartment then to the hospital to see Alex. Yeah, ok. Thank you." I said goodbye to Gary and told him that I was not sure about tomorrow. But I told him to call my mobile for any urgent matters.
  • I arrived at the hospital at seven, I got my leather backpack with me, I was wearing my flats and jeans and my casual top. I was prepared for an overnight comfort, Chris accompanies me to his room and stayed outside, joining Alex guard outside his room.
  • I gently knocked at his door, I didn't see his mother. But I saw his father instead, so she must be outside and will be back shortly. I took a deep breath and come inside.
  • Come on Adriana you've dealt with millionaires and billionaires, this is a walk in the park.
  • I convinced myself that I could handle my boyfriend's parents. And walked steadily into his room. He was sleeping, so I forced myself to talked to his father.
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