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Chapter 41 Jealous, too

  • Wayne noticed her silence in the car, on their way home. He hugged her but she hasn’t made any reaction. She seemed to be thinking deeply. If anything, it looks like she’s sulking. Why, though? He squinted at her and looked back at the events during the party. Many people flocked around them.
  • When they reached home, they went straight to the nursery to check on Ace. Wayne took him into his arms and cuddled him. There’s something soothing about him, tapping the baby and making hushing sounds. Andrea eyed him. He’s still obviously very attractive. Those women were not at all polite. Most of them stared at him without reserve. No doubt, if she wasn’t there, they would’ve tried to flirt with him. Maybe offer themselves up. She sighed. She doesn’t like analyzing people’s behavior too much. One of the reasons why she dislikes socializing with strangers. It’s not for her.
  • After putting Ace to sleep, they both kissed him before moving to their own bedroom. Wayne has already removed his coat and was now working on his tie. It has been a long day. Andrea just stood there in front of a drawer, absent-mindedly removing her jewelries and other accessories.
  • After unbuttoning the top part of his shirt, he walked over to her.
  • “What’s wrong?” He asked as he enveloped her in his arms, planting a kiss on her exposed neck and the side of her face.
  • “Hmm?” He prompted again before hearing her sigh. She turned around and faced him with a glare.
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