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Chapter 11 Pleasure of the night

  • Back to the present time, on their first night, Andrea reacted to his ministrations without much thought. Her body moves every which way he touches her. After his initial release inside her, he lavished kisses against her skin. They were both sweating. Her body feels a little clammy as she took deep breaths, calming the fast beating of her heart. She remembered how she shouted upon reaching her climax and blushed beet red upon recalling where they currently are. She would never have thought that they would be doing this in his parents’ house.
  • “Wayne…” She called for him, but moaned when his mouth found her center. He slowly licked her insides, the scent of their coupling permeating the air. He ran his tongue through her slit and sucked on her nub. She lifted her hips, pushing herself against his mouth as the pleasure built up again. His hands gripped her hips to keep her in place but she still struggled to move. Setting her legs over his shoulders, he started fucking her with his fingers as he continued to lick and suck her clit. Her cries of pleasure were indiscernible. One hand gripped his hair as she convulsed from another orgasm.
  • That’s twice he already made her come. She seemed delicate so he hadn’t wanted to continue pounding into her after the first. He’s giving her time to rest before he wraps himself inside her again. He climbed up her body, her legs sliding down his sides. He settled on top of her, his head by her breasts and Andrea had to lift her head off the pillow to look at him. Her gaze was puzzled as he stared at her, then heated up as he started playing with her nipples, alternating between her breasts. Her hands reached into his back, touching his hard muscles, as she pushed herself to him.
  • Although this feels good, she wanted more. As she gasped, she told him, “Get inside me. Now.”
  • Wayne grinned at the order. “Thought you’d never ask.”
  • He moved further up her body and swallowed her mouth as he held one of her legs to the side. He wants easier access. He groaned as he positioned himself at her entrance. She’s still tight and wraps around him in a way that gives him so much pleasure. She’s wet and her insides suck him in. He went slowly, as her tightness was making it hard to simply go all in in one stroke. He started with short thrusts to have himself fully seated inside her. They were both breathing heavily at this point. As he starts nibbling on her lips again, she moaned as she started thrusting against him. He was pushed back as he’s already all the way in. He pulled out a little before slamming back in and continuing to thrust. She met his every movement and moaned at the unending pleasure.
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