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Chapter 16 First conflict

  • He’d asked her security to provide materials and more details about the incident.
  • In a way, he knew he reacted rashly. He should’ve asked her properly, but he couldn’t hold his anger back. He simply… unleashed it on her. And she paid the price of something she most likely didn’t bring on for herself.
  • He vaguely remembered her reactions last night. She cried. She shed tears. Did she tell him to stop? It was very likely but he had no recollection of all that. 
  • His expression turned grim. This morning, he’d seen her bare skin as he left the bed. He’d left bruises on numerous parts of her body. He couldn’t bring himself to face her after that.
  • He needed to control himself. And he needed information.
  • The idiots retrieved a copy of the CCTV video from the café and it was a clear copy. There were two angles available. He’d seen how he talked to her a few times and he’d seen clearly how she ignored him and didn’t utter a word. She promptly left after finishing her food and drink.
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