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Chapter 39 Convincing

  • Ace is now six months old. The nanny and the maids are all over him. The grandparents also visit a lot. They don’t need to be so worried about him. Andrea decided to continue her third project. It’s for her own. A business she has to manage. It’s real work. Not as tedious as Wayne’s. She could admit that she would not be able to reach his level. Not many people can and there’s no competition between them anyway. Wayne… he hasn’t told her to stop working. Maybe she does have an advantage over his ex-wife. She can talk business with him and he can talk about his company with her. He could teach her. He could say whatever others may think as boring, but she would find them interesting and informative.
  • Wayne, he still feels a bit guilty. Seeing her cooped up at home and occasionally going to the offices, his and that of her parents, he wants her to feel free to go out anytime and anywhere.
  • He would take her out on weekends. Having meals, strolling, shopping… having fun.
  • “Do you really not want to go out?”
  • She showed him an exasperated look. “I told you, I’m more comfortable at home. When my business opens, I’ll probably go there at least three days a week.”
  • “Alright.” He will definitely check-in with her when her business starts operating.
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