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Chapter 18 How to apologize

  • Wayne had the same urge to find his mom for advice. After office hours, he went to visit her. Her husband has gone on a business trip.
  • He couldn’t decide how to approach Andrea later. Clearly, he needs to apologize first. What should he say? What should he tell her? He couldn’t figure that part out. He rarely apologizes to people in the last few years. He hadn’t needed to.
  • “Oh, hey. You’re home.” His mom greeted him.
  • “Hey, mom.” He went to give her a hug and a kiss.
  • “Hmm, your expression doesn’t look good.” She quickly noticed and his expression darkened further.
  • “I…” He started after sitting next to her. “Andrea…” He exhaled. He couldn’t even tell his mom what exactly happened.
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