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Chapter 24 An explanation

  • Wayne didn’t dare to return home without all the information he needs. He had to make sure nothing really happened. The videos don’t have audio but he clearly saw that she kept the distance between them. After entering the room, she walked out not more than ten seconds later. He checked both cameras and noted the time. Ten seconds. Nothing could’ve happened in that short amount of time. Also, it was clear she was rattled. She ran out of the room and through the hallways until the footage showed her safely into her car. She spent more than ten minutes in her car before driving away. He can only guess what happened in those ten minutes. After contacting one of his assistants to give him all the information he can get about this guy, he went to his car and drove back.
  • When he arrived at the house, he took a deep breath. That man obviously has ill intentions. The way he looks at Andrea, the smirk on his face, and the way he watched her fled with his arms crossed… it was all infuriating to him. He’d have to make sure this man can’t approach his wife another time. He glanced at their room. Would she be sleeping already? He closed his eyes as he recalled the way she flinched and stepped back earlier when he looked at her. He must’ve scared her again. Why can’t he control his expressions properly?
  • Andrea couldn’t sleep. She’d been lying on the bed for a couple of hours now. She tried calling Wayne’s phone twice but he didn’t answer. She decided not to bother him. Despite trying to convince herself that it could be something, she knew in her heart that it’s related to her. The way he glared at her earlier, he must’ve heard something. Looking back at how he’d heard about her accidental meeting with her ex, she frowned as she wonders how could he have known so fast. Tonight, too. She has just gotten home when he already seems to have heard what happened. Then, would he be at the hotel?
  • Ugh. She clutched her head as she rolled back and forth on the bed. How can she face him when he returns? What should she do? Would he… he wouldn’t be like last time, right? She sat up, remembering that he did promise he won’t hurt her again. She put a hand on her chest as she calms herself down.
  • But was immediately startled when the bedroom door opened and in came Wayne. He turned on the light and saw her sitting on the bed.
  • “You aren’t asleep yet?” He asked and from his tone of voice, he didn’t seem angry…
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