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Chapter 42 Prove yourself worthy

  • Well, Wayne managed to survive. The next party they attended, Jarred introduced his friends. A man and a woman who are dating. They chatted for a while before Wayne suggested dancing. Of course, he danced with his wife first. Then, Jarred took Andrea and danced with her. Since he’s family, he didn’t feel anything. Andrea then told the woman, Alice, that Wayne’s trying to get used to other women’s presence and asked her and her boyfriend if the lady could dance with him and if the guy could dance with her. One at a time, though. While he danced with Alice, he gave her a bit of a background so he won’t seem weird. Fortunately, she knew a bit about his scandal with the ex-wife. She quickly got the gist of it. Andrea, too, talked to the man, Harry, as they watched their partners.
  • “How long have you guys been dating?”
  • “Just a few months, five… six.”
  • “Ah, I see. Not getting serious yet to consider marriage?”
  • He shook his head. “Not yet.”
  • He decided to change the flow of conversation, “So, what’s your story? Your husband…”
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