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Chapter 54 BOOK 2-4

  • Damon’s POV
  • We arrived at Tunde’s graveside and true to Ashley’s words, it was empty. Ashley was sitting on the bare floor by the time we got there and Lyla quickly left my side to attend to her. As she lifted her eyes to look at me, I realized how broken she was. Nothing could hide the pain she was feeling.
  • I wasn’t feeling any better myself. I was mad, angry and above all shocked at the whole situation. I wanted to punch a hole right through a person. The exact person responsible for this. It was a total barbaric act that I want to solve in five freaking minutes.
  • “Alpha,” Dean called from behind me, I didn’t turn to look at him as I kept on staring at Tunde’s grave. He moved closer to stay by my side and I wanted to tell him to move on. I was mad angry and standing next to someone I can barely stay in a room with was annoying as fuck.
  • “What happened here?” He asked.
  • That was when I turned to stare at him. His eyebrows were creased as he stared on in confusion. He turned to look at me and I looked away.
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