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Chapter 11

  • Damon's POV
  • You didn't have to do that, Damon. She's just an innocent child who knows nothing about our world"
  • Ruth, my housekeeper of five years grumbled. She has been my nanny since I lost my mother and after I made the decision of moving out of my father's house years back, she insisted on following me.
  • "I did nothing wrong, Ruth. She needed to be taught a lesson and I believe she'll get it where she's going to"
  • "Damon" she yelled at me. Her voice resonated across the room
  • I was in my study a few minutes after I sent Lyla to base nine. My mind was not at ease as I was restless and I knew I could shift any minutes from that moment. I knew what I did was wrong but there was no way I could correct such a thing.
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