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Chapter 41

  • Lyla's POV
  • "So, here's the pack's clinic and right here, there's no sort of treatment that isn't adopted and used. Traditional use of herbs and the modern use of drugs even to chants and magic, we use it" I turned to look at Devante in disbelief.
  • Devante came into Damon's room this morning to ask me if I was bored out of my mind because Damon spent the night at the borders again and Ashley was still recovering from the attack that happened three days ago. It took me a while to get over it but I knew I had to.
  • Even though sleeping alone at night was scary, I still did it. I couldn't let myself be weak and draw back Damon on his activities. If I hadn't pretended to be strong when he was leaving for the borders at the first night, he would've waited and that would have affected the pack. They need their Alpha more than ever.
  • So, after I said Yes to Devante's offer, which I'm now totally regretting, he hurried me through my morning routines and dragged me out of the pack-house. We started from the kitchen, which I've seen like ten times, and met with Ruth who made us some delicious cookies. We also went to the library and spent some time reading books on ancient werewolves and their goddesses.
  • Reading actually enlightened my knowledge about wolves. I know more about them now than before.
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