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Chapter 31

  • Lyla's POV
  • "You're really leaving," Damon said with an unreadable expression. I blinked, trying to give him an answer that won't hurt him.
  • "Temporarily, I promise I'll be back soon" I reached out to touch his hand but he quickly shifted it away and placed it on the steering wheel.
  • Even though he had once informed me that one of the pack warriors will be the one to drop me off in California, he later on decided on taking me himself. On the six hours journey to California, Damon barely said ten words to me.
  • Just okay, Yes, And questions like, Are you hungry? That's where it all ended. I tried to bring up conversations with him but nothing worked, he was back to the cold man that he was.
  • We were only thirty minutes to enter California at ten minutes past five and he still hasn't said a word. I want to hear his voice badly.
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