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Chapter 37

  • Damon's POV
  • The ride back to the pack was awkward and uncomfortable for me. Lyla won't stop staring at me and Tunde won't stop checking on me as he drove us back to the pack. I stared hard at the rows of trees we passed by, trying to swallow the images in the head.
  • Lyla suddenly held my hand, squeezing it tightly. Without looking at her, I removed my hand from hers.
  • "I'm fine, " I groaned and faced the car's window back.
  • "Are you okay, Damon?" Tunde asked.
  • "Since when have I ever been okay? I'm Damon and that means I'm never in my right senses, okay? Both of you should stop acting as if I dropped from a tree and broke my neck. I'm fucking fine" I hissed and ignored their look.
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