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Chapter 26

  • Damon's POV
  • "Shit! Shit!!" I cursed out repeatedly as I felt Lyla's limp body cold and pale in my arms. I didn't mean to mark her without her consent but the moment she bared her neck to me, my wolf took over.
  • It mistook her action for her submission and marked her without thinking twice.
  • "Lyla," I held her face close, calling out to her as I've been doing. I put the shirt on her, covering up her nakedness before anyone gets here.
  • "What the hell happened, Alpha?" Tunde barged into the room with Ashley and Dean right behind him. I'd mind linked him immediately it happened and also instructed him to come along with Dean
  • "You marked her by force! For goodness's sake" Dean yelled as soon as he sighted the huge mark that was a bit swollen on her neck.
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