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Chapter 20

  • Lyla's POV
  • The night breeze kissed my skin as I walked out to the balcony. I looked around and saw a small, beautiful chair at the corner right in front of another. I checked it out for any form of danger and sat, placed my hand on the balustrade and rested my head on it.
  • I observed the environment and looked into the forest. A smile lingered on my lips as I remembered the big guy I met in the first the previous night.
  • As strange and dangerous as this place was, that was the best thing that has happened to me ever. In a place where I'd felt alone, unwanted and ready to be killed, that animal came in and made me feel less lonely and actually made me feel as if someone was watching over me.
  • "Why are you here?" I stood up sharply as I heard Damon's voice right behind me.
  • I don't understand how he always manages to do that without hearing his footsteps.
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