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Chapter 22

  • Damon's POV
  • "D," A tiny voice called out to me, forcing me to open my eyes. In front of me was a girl as tiny as her voice, she was wearing a floral print dress, her hair bouncing around her as she took off like a kite, running around a garden of flowers and laughing.
  • Suddenly she stopped laughing and brought out a flower from behind her, stretched it out to me. I collected the flower from her and smiled back at her for more than seconds.
  • "Stop smiling, Damon. You're freaking us out"
  • I opened my eyes at the sudden interruption. Even though my vision was blurry at first, it, later on, became clear as I saw Tunde and the pack's doctor looking at me worriedly.
  • "I'm not gonna die" I hissed as I sat up on the hospital bed I was sleeping on previously.
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