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Chapter 52 BOOK 2-2

  • Lyla’s POV
  • The phone kept ringing for the umpteenth time and like every other day, no one picked up the call. I was agitated, mad, confused, and sad at the same time. Since the last time I talked to Pearl about Tunde’s death, I haven’t been able to reach her. I’d called her twin sister, Aurora once and she told me Pearl would call when she’s ready to talk. I’ve missed my best friend and it’s so sad that I’m not there to help her with whatever she was going through.
  • Lucas was a different case entirely. I don’t know if he had found out that Pearl was having an affair with Tunde, someone he called a friend but if he had managed to pick Damon’s call, he would have understood that it was unavoidable since there were mates.
  • “Are you okay, Bunny?” I turned around to see Damon standing at the door, resting sideways on the door frame while staring at me with worry.
  • “Yeah, I was calling Pearl,”
  • He stood straight as he heard that.
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