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Chapter 5 Backache

  • Lawson rubbed his lower back as he let the unpleasantly cold water move over his body carrying away the thick layer of dust and sweat accumulated throughout the long day of training without rest. It hurt like hell and the 10K marathon he had to run afterwards hadn't helped, on the contrary, it had made the pain worse.
  • Damn.
  • He was really annoyed, completely outraged and at the same time frustrated that he couldn't explode or go for a run in his wolf form to try to get the stress out of his system. He had tried to quench his thirst for revenge a bit by embedding his fist in the arrogant face of that traitor, but he had ended up making a total fool of himself in front of everyone. And that had struck straight at his pride. His fangs ached wanting to bury themselves in something.
  • “You got your ass kicked sweetly” one of the recruits who must have been around 40, dark and broad”complexioned opened the shower next to his. There was a smirk on his face, probably because he thought there was one less person to worry about.
  • “I've been through my dose of humiliation, you don't have to remind me again," Lawson grunted, looking indifferent. A strategy that had worked for him over the years for those who used to wrongly mock him.
  • I recommend you to lower those fumes brother, Commander Leus despite appearing fragile for being a she-wolf is known to subdue even the strongest, she is a legend, so better think better about your next move, that is if you want to finish the camp... alive”.
  • “You seem to know her well, or are you interested in fucking her, your eyes sparkle as you talk about her," Lawson said with irony, but an uncomfortable feeling settled inside him. Yes, he hated her for everything that had happened, but like every other male wolf that had found his mate, he wouldn't let anyone get their hands on her before he did, whichever way it went.
  • “I just had a friend who was last year doing service in one of the alpha's residences. And he kind of hangs out with the alpha doesn't stay there. The pup has the place very well deserved. In addition to what she's known for about killing 10 assailants, last year she took out the 40 hired killers who attacked the alpha all by herself, on one of many visits to the temple, and came out unscathed to tell the tale. But apparently you are of the group that is uninformed on the subject, rather, many do not know about the number of people she takes it upon herself to remove from the alpha's path. Rather, there is a rumor that she is the alpha's mistress, because it is not possible for someone to be so devoted to a wolf and sacrifice almost his life with him” he removed the water that sprayed his face” God, this is life” he said with pleasure that Lawson recognized. The day had been intense.
  • But despite the recruit's words about Raven they rattled in his system. Especially the part about her being the alpha's lover. So in addition the bitch had run into the arms of the biggest wolf in the area to take advantage of her benefits. She was someone smart and self”serving. Two characteristics that added to the ones he had already put her in a negative light.
  • Lawson looked sideways at the other wolf with a frown. He didn't need someone telling him what to do and yes, he had realized that, at the moment, he was inferior to the younger wolf. He had felt it when her gloved hand had gripped his firmly to the point that the bones beneath his fingers had creaked. It was not at all like the grip of years past, the delicate, flirtatious touch of a she-wolf wanting to woo her wolf.
  • No, not at all. It was as if there was nothing of that left now. Because even her look, her scent and the way she moved was different. If it wasn't because he knew her from before he could claim she was a completely different she”wolf.
  • She turned ignoring the others and stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around her narrow waist. Even a good bath couldn't do wonders. He didn't understand how things had ended up that way.
  • The first time he had seen her she had seemed like the typical innocent girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. His wild side had recognized her as his mate, the wolf who was perfect to be by his side and make him happy.
  • At the time she was just over 18 years old, four years younger than he was. With her very long, black hair that brushed her hips, pale, manicured skin, dark, piercing eyes surrounded by even darker, thicker lashes, a long, slender neck that invited you to bite that nape of her neck and leave your fangs permanently marked there. Pronounced curves without exaggeration despite her baggy clothes, but that to him as her destined partner really turned him on.
  • Simple but beautiful. They had fit well together. Intelligent and determined, reserved and mysterious. But with a soft fragrance that made him flinch at every turn. Yes, that was Raven but only 18 years old.
  • Now it was different. There was nothing left of that calm look. He had simply noticed a thick haze in her orbs that he couldn't decipher. Her hair now cropped straight at shoulder length made her look sterner, much more adult than her current age, only the slight fringe made an attempt to soften the stiff muscles from lack of expression. There was no trace left of the sweet and innocent image of years before.
  • Still, he didn't care what had happened to her and what had made her this way. He hated her and hated her so much. For everything she had done to them. For putting trust in her and having her crush her so miserably. But what hurt him most was that he had allowed himself to feel for her, to let his instincts take over for a moment, and his feelings had only been crumbled and thrown away.
  • He pounded on the side of his locker mirror with his clenched fist, causing more than one to look at him at the intensity of the sound. He grabbed the towel and began to dry his blond hair with copper highlights somewhat more cropped at the nape of his neck than at the top where it was tousled falling partly over him started from his forehead. His green eyes were dark with pent”up fury and his body showed painfully tense muscles.
  • He would definitely be the best in camp and would show Raven that he was no easy wolf that she could manipulate at her whim. He would show her that he couldn't play with her feelings like that.
  • ***
  • Raven put the file on the table and massaged the spot between her eyes. Of all the wolves in the country it had to be him. Of all the residents of the pack, her worst nightmare was chasing her and incidentally assaulting her in front of everyone without justification.
  • Although she had to admit that his reaction to her had been somewhat intense for having met again after so many years. Maybe he wanted to get her attention so she would recognize him, they had gone 7 years without seeing each other, it was the most logical thought. Although knowing Lawson, that didn't fit him.
  • His look had been one of pure hatred and the intensity of the blow had been real so there must be something going on in his head that she wasn't aware of. Too bad the wolf only knew how to attack and she usually responded with the same force as a reflection of years of hard training and putting her life on the edge. She had used her same momentum to knock him to the ground with little effort. Although she had to say that for sure the blow had hurt her quite a bit. She wasn't one to hold back.
  • She didn't understand his reaction to her. But of one thing she was sure, she could not allow her past to be part of her present and her future. Not now that she had been able to put it aside for so long. It would be complicated, after all ignoring your mate, the wolf that had been destined for you was really difficult.
  • He sighed running his hand through his hair uselessly pulling it back from his face. If she wanted the rest of her life to go smoothly as it had so far she couldn't allow the blond to finish camp and become part of the alpha's ranks.
  • And she would see to it that he himself resigned.