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Chapter 8

  • Jumping back I bowed my head. I'm sorry, Alpha. I didn't realize it was you. I tell him. He must have been on a perimeter run. He rises up, shaking the bits of leaves off of his fur. He walks toward me, using his snout to lift my head. He licks a spot above my eye that I assume was bleeding. When did that happen?
  • Don't worry, babe. Nice job by the way.
  • His words float through my mind and my wolf shivers. I started to walk through the trees and toward my back pack. Elijah grabs his bag from a tree near by and follows behind me.
  • I shift, curling behind a tree. I hear him shift too. "How did you get to me so fast? And where's Cliff?" He asks, coming around the tree, slipping a shirt over my head. I pulled out a pair of underwear from my bag and slipped them on.
  • I closed my eyes and opened them quick. No idea." I tell him with a laugh. He laughs in response. "That was some try. C'mon, let's get your cut cleaned up," I frown, no clue as to how I got it. "CLIFF. Pack house." He shouts and wraps his arm around my shoulder as we walk back to the pack house.
  • "Ouch." I wince and pull away. Joel was cleaning my cut in the pack infermery while Cliff and Elijah sat by asking me questions about training. "Stop being such a baby. It's going to heal as soon as I get all the dirt out anyways." He mutters pouring a bit of rubbing alcohol onto some gauze before presses it to the cut. Frig it stung.
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