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Chapter 17

  • Everything was everywhere. In our hair, over our clothes, in our eyes which were now squinting with laughter. It was all over the floor and counters. We were grinning at each other. "That was fun, I haven't done anything like that before." I say happily. "That was fun." He agrees and pecks my cheek. "So, have you ever done something like this before?" He asks slowly. "Something like what?" I ask confused. He sprays my neck with a bit of whip-cream before licking it off, kissing up my jaw to my lips. I moan against his lips and push my hips into his. He grabs my hips and lets out his own mown. "Nope," I mumble as I pull away breathless. "Good." He smirks. "C'mon. I got one other thing that'll be a first for us both." He says, wiping something off my face. I frown. I hate being sticky. Elijah takes my hand and tugs me upstairs to his bedroom. I had a feeling I knew what he had in mind.
  • He closes the door behind us and stands in front of me, a smile on his face. "Let's shower together," he says and I can only nod. He slips my shirt over my head and undoes my bra, tossing them both into the floor. He trails kisses along my neck yet again and doesn't touch my pants. He tugs me into the bathroom and strips himself of his own clothes. He turns on the shower and winks at me before climbing in. I undo my pants and slip out of my undies. I bite my lip and step into the shower too. He looks down at me, kisses my lips and soon we're washing on another, getting the remaining whip-cream and such off of our bodies. Elijah gets me to wash his hair and he helps me wash my body. He doesn't touch between my legs, he doesn't over-step, he's gentle and it makes me smile. Once we finish up, Elijah and I throw on some pj's and head downstairs to clean up our mess.
  • I kneel on the kitchen floor, wiping up some left over chocolate. It was disgusting in here and I already knew I'd be showering again after this. I would do it all over again if I could, though. I frown for a moment, memories of cleaning up after my old pack were now trailing through my brain. I shake my head. I don't want to ruin my good mood.
  • Elijah is in his office doing work and making the arrangements for tomorrow. I finishbefore the rush of mothers in the pack began gathering in the kitchen. They start cooking, gossiping away and I slowly back out, hoping I cleaned it all up.
  • In about two hours, we're all sitting down at the dinning room table, eating our last dinner as this pack and this pack alone.
  • I moan and take another bite of mash potatoes. Elijah's mom Ester was smiling at me. "Is it that good, hunny?" she asks me. I swallow and blush. "Yes m'am. Sorry." I say and take a sip of water. Elijah's mom and dad live in the pack house with us, even though they don't run it. She's such a nice lady, cares so much about her family. Elijahs dad is a good man with a strange sense of humour. He is good to his wife and son. A hint of jealous picks at my brain and I push it aside. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. Eat up, you are just skin and bones." she glares playfully. I nod with a smile and continue eating. Elijah is holding my hand under the table, rubbing his thumb across it. It feels good. I smiled sideways at him and he wink. "Oh you guys are so cute." one of the little girls from the pack says. I blush again and hide my face a bit more while eating my food. "Hey, don't hide." Elijah's dad Ron pulls my chin up and smirks at me. I guess that's where Elijah gets it from. "You look very adorable like that, darlin'." He chuckles and I hid my face in Elijahs shoulder.
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