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Chapter 20

  • Esther was sitting to my left. Ron was handling things up here whilst Elijah handled the things downstairs. "What do you mean by odd, dear?" Esther asks me slightly confused. I go into detail, explaining what I had seen in my dream . When I finish they looked at each other briefly. Ron gets up to join is, leaning against the desk between our chairs. "You're sure it was your mother?" He asks me. I frown. "I'm sure. It's slowly all fading away, there's parts now missing, but it was her. It was my mom." I state. My heart hurts. I put my head in my hands, god my hands are cold. "Were just trying to figure this out, hun. And we will." Esther rubs my back. I nod and listen to the silence. "You don't think..." Ron began. "No.. I mean.. it seems un-likely..." Esther finishes. "It would explain what's happening though." Rom finishes and Esther nods with him before turning to look at me. I look at them with so much confusion and they both chuckle.
  • "We believe we know what your dream means and what it entails, hun." And Esther holds my hand. "Okay, but didn't you just say something about "it" being un-likely?" I ask. "It is not common for one pack to have so many gifted members, is all." Ron smiles at me.
  • "Okay, I'm confused." I state. "You have a very strong gift, Katerina. One that you are meant to officially discover, after having that dream." Ron tells me. "What.. you mean a gift like the one Rebekah has?" I ask confused. "Yes. It really is un-likely for so many wolves to be gifted by our goodness. And it's even more un-likely that these wolves are in the same pack." Esther says. "We do believe we are right though." Ron adds with a smile. I stare at them both. What the hell?
  • "Okay, if I do even have a gift, how would I begin to discover what it is?" I ask frustrated. "It was clear in your dream what gift lays beneath your finger tips." Ron says and I frown at him. "We cannot tell you. It's best if you discover it on your own." He finishes. Esther squeezes my hand. "Find somewhere quiet, where you can be alone. Focus entirely on your surroundings within your dream. Trace your steps and your thoughts. You'll see," Esther smiles at me and I half smile back. I have my suspicions as to what my gift could be. I take a deep breath. It's up to me to see if I can discover at all what my gift could entail.
  • "Try to cheer up, child. There's a positive to this you know," Ron says and I can't help but laugh. "There is something strong, clearly hiding beneath a part of me that is weak. And there is some much of me that is weak, I wouldn't know where to begin... even if I did find out what my gift was." I tell him, trying my best to stay calm. "You will figure this out and you'll feel more proud that you'll have seen it all on your own." Esther says. "And still, there's a positive in those sentences; cause you get to practice and explore what you find within you, anytime you want for however long you want." He smiles at me, as does his wife and this time, I smile a real smile at them both. He kisses his wife's cheek and Esther wishes me good luck and as I walk out of the office she adds, "Tell Rebekah dear, either now or when things fall into place. She'll be able to help you." I nod and step out, closing the door behind me.
  • I had no idea where to begin. No idea what to do next. And that last comment didn't help. I didn't even know what it was that I could do and it was brought up that I should tell my best friend. Holy shit.
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