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Chapter 24

  • "Clear the room." His voice is strong, demanding. Everyone starts to leave the room, quietly obeying. He closes the door behind him. Renee is beside him. My wolf cowers herself away in the back of my mind, scared by his voice. I look up, meeting the bone-chilling stare from my former alpha.
  • "Where did you go?" Kol snaps.
  • I flinch, eyes to the floor on instinct and into Elijah's arms again. Figures all my strength disappears. Cliff and Joel come to stand beside us, Elijah lifts my chin up, "There is no need to hide." My lips part. And I turn steadily to meet Kol's gaze.
  • "Where the fuck did you go Katerina?" He snaps. I hear Cliff growl in response but Kol's eyes don't leave mine.
  • "I ran. Like I should have done years ago." I state, glaring back at him with a new sense of courage. "I know you ran, we felt you leave!" He growls, his voice alone showing his strength. "You left without leaving a single note, Katerina. This pack searched for months trying to find you. They thought you were dead!" he shouted.
  • "Because you didn't tell them any different! You fucking knew I was alive, all that time you knew because you would have felt it if I died you piece of shit!" I growl. Elijah tightens his grip on me as I begin trying to step forward. "I was your mate. I still your mate. You couldn't admit that to the pack though, could you? Instead you let everyone believe the worst." I've stepped as far forward as Elijah will let me. I take a look back at him, my arm stretched out and holding his hand. I have to remember what's good.
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