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Chapter 7

  • "Gosh, I haven't had that much fun in such a long time." I tell them all, drying my hair with my towel as we walk in through the pack house doors. Elijah laughs and soon everyone inculding me, was too. We couldn't not be happy. "Glad we could contribute, babe. I'll see you guys in a few hours, Alpha stufff to take care of." Elijah tells us, kissing my forehead before walking upstairs to his office. "I'm gonna go get changed. Be down in a bit." I tell them and skip upstairs with Rebekah quietly behind me.
  • She walks off down the hall to her room. I reach mine and close the door behind me.
  • I start stripping off my wet bathing suit, letting it fall to the ground with a sloppy thud. I dried the rest of my body before pulling on my underwear and bra. I rustle through my drawers and pull out a T-shirt and Joel's carebear boxers. Sometimes I wonder what he watches on his own time. I shake my head, pull my hair into a clip and walk downstairs.
  • "I'd say you're about 5.. 6 meters behind me, closer to my left." I say out loud, knowing Cliff would hear me. We were standing the middle of the woods clearing and I was practicing my hearing abilities. I was supposed to be able to stop every attack Cliff tried to pull using only my hearing. "Good job." He praises me and I smile. So far, he only got one attack where I didn't see him coming.
  • He ran off into the woods, hiding somewhere in the distance. I look around me, hearing quiet steps become more clear. I couldn't pinpoint what direction he was in, until I hear the wind pick up as he begins to run toward me. I turn, ready to attack and he stops in his tracks grinning. "You're getting good at that. It makes it easier to defend yourself if you can sense where they are before their attack. Ready for the next step?" He asks me and I nod, eager. "Okay.
  • Shift and we'll do the same things we've been doing these past few weeks, in wolf form. Got it?" He tells me, holding my shoulders looking at me with seriousness. I take a deep calming breath and put my game face on. "Got it." I say and turn to walk away, taking a few steps before shifting and turn around yet again, facing Cliff as we're both in our fighting stances. He growls and I snarl in return. Thats when we lunge.
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