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Chapter 22

  • "It's nice to meet you Renee." He shakes her hand. "I'm Alpha Elijah. These are my Beta's. Cliff and Joel. This here is Joel's girlfriend Tamara, our friend Rebekah, and..." He scratches the back of his neck. Way to play it cool. I roll my eyes. "This is my girlfriend, Katerina." He says and I take that time to pop my head out of his arm a bit and half smile to her. She said a there, her jaw opened slightly, not understanding. And then she rips me away from Elijah and pulls me into a hug, crying. My eyes rim with tears. Oh, Ren. "I missed you so much. I.. we..all thought you were dead. Why did you write me that letter?" she sobs and smacks my arm hard. I look at her and her sad eyes. "Are you okay?" she asks me. I nod smiling slightly and she pulls me into her arms. "I'm fine Renee, really. I'm happy." I tell her and Elijah pulls me back into his arms, kissing my hair.
  • She smiles at me. "Good. I'm so happy you're safe. Kol... he hasn't told anyone but me and Ace about the rejection. No one really knows why you left," she says and I frown, wondering if my pack was at all worries by my leaving. "He claims Melonie is his mate and the Luna of our pack." I find myself laughing. Everyone just kind of starred at me. "You really must be happy..." she smiles at me and I smile back. "I know it should hurt more but right now, I just find it amusing that the Luna of this pack has been in bed with more than half of the members." I say and I hear Joel laugh beside me. "Okay, that is amusing yes." Renee adds. "I don't know how you're doing it, Kol is a fucking asshole!" She growls, her voice rising.
  • I covered her mouth. "Shh, he doesn't need to know I'm here yet." I tell her and she nods. I feel my wolf whimper. She's hurt. I feel a rush of anger toward Kol. The stupidity behind his choices and actions. I clench my fists and try my best to stay calm. I push the anger aside. I feel Elijahs arm tighten around me, he knows I'm tense. The rest of my pack are just listening quietly.
  • "How's... how's Ace?" I clear my throat. Her face drops, tears start to form in her eyes. "He's beaten up, Kat. He's not himself. He only comes out every few weeks, he just sits in his room, barely eats what we bring him. He doesn't speak, he ignores his surroundings and doesn't want anyone near him." She wipes tears from her eyes. I don't understand, why was she so upset? He's her fellow pack member but I don't.. oh. "He's your mate, isn't he?" I demand.
  • "Yes." She breathes and wiped her eyes. "He is so different, Kat. Everything about him has changed, he's angry, violent. When he read your letter, he lost it. He kicked everyone out of the room until it was just him, Kol and I. It was only a split second after the closed that he went after Kol." She says and I frown. "What do you mean went after him?" I ask. I needed to know more. She looked scared. "What happened!" I ask. "He almost killed him, Kat. I had never seen Ace so angry, it was terrifying. The fight broke out in the room and I could only watch, screaming at them to stop. They weren't saying anything to one another, it was just silent.
  • I was waiting for a moment to get past them, I needed to get help but when I opened the door, I didn't even take a few steps in the hall before I watched Ace shove Kol out of the room. He was leaning against the railing, his nose was bleeding and he was holding his hand up for Ace to stop. It only made him more angry." She let out a sob. I grab her hand and nod at her to continue.
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