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Chapter 19

  • The ground was prickly as I walk bare foot along the ground of what looked to a forest
  • I find myself looking frantically around me. I could smell the moss and the streams somewhere in the distance. The leaves were bright, sun shining through the tops of the trees. I smile. I can hear everything. The animals around me, they're moving, hunting their pray, drinking from the river that flows through the forest. It's only a few meters ahead that I see the first line of a stream. I follow it, taking careful steps. Somehow my feet don't hurt against the prickle.
  • I reach my destination within minutes, a small pond surrounded by streams. I crouch down, running my fingers in the cool water. Looking down at my reflection, I seen I was in all white. My hair in a long beautiful braid that fell down around one of my shoulders. White roses and daisies, all entwined in the crevasses of my braid. It was red. A bright, beautiful red.
  • My dress was white, long and white. There was lace, forming around the edges of the dress as it folds around me and lays gentle at my feet on on the mossy green rocks around me, the edge of my dress just barely dipping into the water.
  • I feel a pulse and touch my neck. It's my necklace. Looking at my reflection, desperate to see it was real. And it was. I was wearing the snowflake necklace my brother had bought me. I look... beautiful. I smile to myself in my reflection.
  • A sudden burst of water begins to rapidly rush down from a further stream, splashing against the rocks before reaching my feet, rising the stream quickly. It pools at my feet moments later soaking my dress, making me sink a bit into the now soft ground. I look around me but no one, nothing is there. Everything is silent now. Mist and fog started to form around me, the view around me growing blurry and white every where.
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