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Chapter 21

  • ~~ A day later ~~
  • About three quarters into the drive, I pull down the mirror above me and reach into my purse at my feet, grabbing out my make-up bag. I slept for the first bit, thankfully and now, I was fixing a few things in my appearance.
  • I apply some cover-up, add a bit of mascara and lastly a neutral tone of lipstick. Rebekah was snoring softly in the back and I turn in my seat, smiling at her. She had already done her makeup this morning, of course. I had a flawless best friend. I turn back and give myself one last look before I pop the mirror back up and place my make-up bag back into my purse.
  • I look over at Elijah, he looked handsome driving. I see him smirk but he doesn't look my way. "Like what you see?" He asks me and I laugh nervously. "I do, yes." I reply and he lets out a laugh of his own. "I'm happy to hear it." I We start talking, subject after subject. I ask him about his favourite part about being an alpha and his biggest goal in life. He asks what my favourite book was and how close I am with my wolf. It's not until my heart beats quickens that I look out the window. Shit.
  • "Babe..." Elijah says and I mumble an "I know."
  • I have to keep calm. "Rebekah," I out and turn to shake her leg. She wakes up, takes a look around and after a moment, she glares out the window. She fixes her hair and pushes her lashes up a bit with her finger.
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