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Chapter 23

  • I stand tall and as strong as I can. Of course, loud whispers and gasps erupt in the room. "Hi everyone." I said in a small voice. I look around, meeting everyone's eyes with a smile. When I catch sight of my brother, his face lit up in confusion and happiness. He looks sick. His skin pale, his body too slim. He looks like he needed a shave too. Oh, Ace. What's happened to you? My pang with pain and regret.
  • He stands forcefully, rushing toward me and pulling me into his arms. "Is it really you?" He asks, his voice cracking. "Yes. It's really me, Ace." I tell him my eyes flowing with tears. "You look so different..." He sobs, pulling away to look at me. I nod. "I know. But it's me. It's really me." I grip him tighter.
  • Elijah pulls me away from him growling and envelopes me in his arms. Ace backs away, understanding. "It's okay baby, he wont hurt me." I tell him, running my nose along the coller bone of his neck. He growls. "Babe. Trust me, please." I beg and kiss his lips. He glares in his direction but let's me in a looser hold. Ace's voice cracks and it makes me wan't to burst into heart wrenching sobs. "I'm so sorry, Kat. I should have never... brother's don't treat their sisters that way. Beta's don't treat their pack members that way. And people don't treat people that way. I regret every second of treating you like that, Katerina. I'm so sorry." He breaks down crying, angrily wiping tears from his eyes. "I searched for week's but I couldn't find you. We couldn't find any trance of you since you decided to leave. I didn't want to move, or breath, or talk. I just wanted you back, I needed you back to feel whole again. I felt shattered inside and out, it was all my fault you left. I will never stop blaming myself.
  • "I should have been there for you, I should have protected you, loved you. Instead I was doing the exact opposite. I don't expect you to forgive me, I don't want you to forgive me. Not this soon. I deserve to feel this new pain and guilt I feel seeing you again, here in front of me. I love you, I still love you more than anything, Kitten. Please, believe I am sorry. He told me and I ran into his arms again a sobbing wreck. "I want to believe you. I'll try. I'm sorry too, that I wasn't a better sis-" "No!" he pulled away and glared at me. "Never. Say that. Again." He growls and I seen Cliff stand from the corner of my eyes. I look over Ace's shoulder at him and mouth "I'm okay." and look back at Ace.
  • "I can't believe you're really hear." He told me playing with my hair. "It's red-er." He mumbles, tears still running down his cheeks. "You look beautiful baby sis. You always have." He broke down again. "I missed you too." I telll him and he pulls me in tighter, once again, like Renee did, crying into my shoulder.
  • I look over his shoulder and Rebekah is holding onto Cliff. How could things get so meesed up? I was supposed to leave, and they weren't supposed to care. Everything should have been balanced out, win, win situation, but instead... I felt guilt. Because even though my brother hurt me and treated me exactly how he said he did, this was my real brother showing right now I'm front of me. The one I grew up with, the one who gave me my necklace.
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