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Chapter 40

  • Phoebe Point of View
  • Tears and smile... they are like two sides of one coin. Sometimes it is pretty confusing as to why you tear up when you are happy and smile when you are melancholic.
  • There is something wrong with both these words. How come I am smiling when I am telling my side of the sad story? I should be crying eye full but then again, I had cried and experienced so much pain already and maybe that's why even I seem wry about the whole situation.
  • The amount of grief I saw in Nicco's eyes for me was enough to say how much he cares for me. When he gave me the paper slip of websites, that moment, I was relatively shocked to see how much attention he really pays to me despite of being in the company of a beautiful girl.
  • He touched my heart when he provided the solution, which caused me to cry in the first place. No words, no eye contact, no gestures; still he read me like an open book. It was as if he can interpret me in any condition no matter what.
  • But his grandmother was totally a different case. I still don't understand what to take her reaction for. She was a very kind woman but she is also who doesn't express her inner thoughts on her face. Her eyes did tell me that she empathetic towards me and that she was following what I'm saying but on the other hand, her expressionless face is terrifying too.
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