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Chapter 35

  • Phoebe Point of View
  • "Nonna, it is nothing so serious. I just twisted my leg, that's it. I'm fine." Nicco said in a little exasperating tone. His eyes were gleaming with amusement towards his grandma which was not at all appreciated by the latter.
  • It took Mrs. Clara one hour to reach home after the mention of Nicco's little accident. She was out to speak with some of her old age club friends and when she heard the news, she ran back to the mansion, literally.
  • Lucky!
  • That is the only expression I can think of; how lucky Nicco is to have a grandmother like Mrs. Clara who can do anything for him. That love, that affection, that security; I don't know about others but if someone ask me choose between the world and a family like Mrs. Clara, I would choose the latter.
  • I can see how easily she makes people depend on her emotionally. Though she has this strict and elegant rich aura around her, it cannot mask the kind and caring side she has.
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