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Chapter 34

  • Niccolo Point of View
  • If she thought I would be all putty and pussy around her after wedding her so graciously and secretly, then she don't know who Niccolo Russo is.
  • Marrying her was just to assure she stays with me and never run away. And since she is a family person who gives importance to relationships, she will now prefer to stay as a maid in the mansion near me than go away from me.
  • This is what I want. Now that I'm relaxed about her staying, I started rattling her slowly.
  • It has been two weeks of our marriage and I continued to acknowledge her in the family house and efficiently ignored her like I used to at first.
  • Though my silent treatment towards her has not changed, her treatment towards me did change a little. She has been looking at me more these days, caring for me and providing me with whatever I need. On one hand, I secretly enjoyed her growing attention which came with marriage while on the other, I felt sorry as well.
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