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Chapter 24

  • Flashback Continues...
  • Phoebe Point of View
  • It's such a bright atmosphere with people chatting, dancing, drinking and laughing freely. Many influential people we could only see in news with their brooding expressions are now completely transformed into smiling gentlemen.
  • Everyone are happy, at least they are skillful enough to look happy. Nobody showed on their faces, what problems they were going through. The tensions, the pressure, everything was completely and very expertly hidden behind their delightful smiles.
  • My mind went to the time when I first saw my Nicco in the auction more than a decade ago. When I remember that moment I couldn't help myself from smiling. My first impression on him was, though he was very handsome I thought he would be wild and uncaring.
  • To my utter shock and relief, he turned out completely opposite.
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