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Chapter 37

  • Phoebe Point of View
  • "You have a beautiful house, Mrs. Russo." The most esteemed guest announced with a smile. Mrs. Clara gave the brightest smile that I ever saw, to the new young girl.
  • Serena... Wow, her name sounds so good. And so does her!
  • She looked like one of those humble and beautiful royal; She has well groomed soft hair past shoulder while her dress reached her knees. She has this really attractive forever smile on her lips that led Nicco to smile at her easily which irritated me to no end. Heck, even the way she speak is so pretty.
  • It has been just twenty minutes since her arrival and she got all the members of the house wrapped around her finger.
  • "And you made it more beautiful. Oh, look at you, you look so gorgeous!" Mrs. Clara exclaimed in a high pitched voice holding the young lady's hand in hers and rubbed them with her wrinkled thumb affectionately.
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