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Chapter 38

  • Niccolo Point of View
  • "I'm sorry." She murmured in guilt but that was not my intention. Drowning her in self guilt is not my goal I just wanted her to look over the whole situation and get back to me, but with pride and confidence this time.
  • "Don't apologize, Bella. If you are apologizing for hurting me, then rather I prefer you over your apologies." I said in a soft voice for the first time in a while. "I'm done with all the struggle I went through and going through right now, Bella. I just want some peace and assurance from you. I'm done fighting for you." I sighed and took a step back to look at her clearly.
  • Bella's eyes widened at my confession but dropped her head without a question back or an argument. Even before, I tried different ways to keep her insecurities in check. I tried several ways to make her proud of herself for surviving through tough conditions. Few times, I was successful in making her feel good about herself and the other times, she has become just too timid to accept herself.
  • "It's okay. I ?understand." She nodded her head vigorously looking at me with tearful eyes. "I will never tell anyone about our wedding ?" Heavens! I sighed in exasperation.
  • "I'm done fighting for you ?does not mean I am giving you up, Bella. Heavens please stop putting yourself in a dirty spot of a darkest room. You are a great woman and any man would be lucky to be with you and you have to believe it. I am not going to fight for you because I want you to fight for yourself now." I exclaimed almost close to yelling at her.
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