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Chapter 31

  • Phoebe Point of View
  • I always heard people say that if you love your life, life will love you back; I would say, it's debatable.
  • I had always did my best coming in terms with my situations how hard they were and how much time it took me to do so. I had learnt a lot along the side while dealing with them. Something I failed to learn was to deal with a person who confuses you.
  • Many people I know was good in dealing with confusing people, including Mrs. Clara and Mrs. Jones. I don't know it's their age, experience or something else but the day they found me half dead and woke up as a closed off and a confusing person, handling a broken person like me was nothing tough to them.
  • All they did was provide me with basic necessities and a straight order to work for them. I was surprised how effective that command was. I had to oblige them without a question back and in return, they did not ask me much about my past.
  • I was always envious of such people who can tackle with situations and different people easily, something I found regret not learning in the current situation.
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