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Chapter 21

  • Flashback Continues...
  • Niccolo Point of View
  • Life cannot be livelier than now. I am having the best days of my life and I am so joyous just by looking at my life in my arms.
  • Time has proved us wrong every time. When we expected it to turn cruel for us, it actually went easy on me and Bella by showering us with many opportunities to learn about each other and love each other.
  • I had seen a lot of change in my Bella from the first time I met her. A good change, of course; she was more mature now, more beautiful and more understanding. The childishness that was present in her for the starting few years shaped into much sensual and teasing way.
  • "So?" She rasped with uneven breath once she settled back on the bed after our love making. How can a person crave for more and more even after having it for more than a decade?
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