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Chapter 25

  • Flashback Continues...
  • Niccolo Point of View
  • "Why do you look anxious today?" Vald asked relaxing back in chair and looked at me knowingly.
  • I sighed and gazed at him apprehensively, "You know why. It's been three days since the Christmas party and I have not been able to get in contact with Phoebe. I ?tried to call her but her phone is switched off. I called Rick to know about her but he gave me very vague and short answers telling me that she is not that well." I rambled out my worries.
  • This is not the first time for Bella to be out of reach for days. She has been unable to get into contact few times before when her phone was under repair or when she was down with cold or flu. But this time it is different.
  • She has been aloof and very emotional from past few days who got me very worried. I know there is something that is bothering her and I cannot brush off the shallow feeling of something bad happened to her.
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