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An Italian's Escort Lover

An Italian's Escort Lover

Lady Prim

Last update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1

  • Phoebe Point of View
  • Thirteen Years.
  • Thirteen years of painful hell and a pleasurable heaven.
  • Life had a free time to lazy around so it threw me into hazards for a time pass. It was like my life was a good reader like me to make a tragic story out of me.
  • Am I an unlucky one?
  • Not really. If I was, then I wouldn't have met him... met my love.
  • Am I a lucky person?
  • Not at all. If I was, then I would've not been forced to go away from him.
  • Such a luckily unlucky person, that I am now in a situation where I am afraid to die and there is no eagerness to live. I have nothing to make out of my future.
  • I have no decent education nor am I smart enough to make out know-how's of the society. I hardly have any money to depend on.
  • What can I, at the age of twenty nine, make a future on when I worked as a prostitute from the past thirteen years?
  • I was at a fresh ripen age of sixteen and was na飗e about the outside world. My parents use to work for long hours of day and cater me with essentials. It was not like they were good people nor were they bad to me. They just use to ignore me.
  • I was still happy to go to school and was happy how my life was going. I was not a nerd but I loved to be educated. It was like I was secure and safe when I have knowledge.
  • I smiled ruefully when I still remember the events of that awful day. I went back to our little home from school, skipping steps happily eager to go home and eat something as I was hungry. I opened the door enthusiastically and followed inside when I heard several voices arguing inside.
  • Several unfamiliar voices.
  • I didn't know we were expecting guests because we did not expect guests ever. The thought of being robbed crossed my mind, but there was nothing precious in our ragged house to rob. If any, the thief would leave some tip for us taking pity on us.
  • I inched closer and peeked from behind a wall and noticed three large men looking around and arguing with each other in a language I don't understand. I couldn't go inside as they are strangers and they looked so creepy and I couldn't stay where I was because I would be found out in seconds.
  • And in record time, one of the men noticed the movement behind the wall and startled me by running in front of me. If I was scared a percent more than I was, then I would've peed in my pants with the terrifying look the men were giving me.
  • They tried to talk to me at first and realizing I didn't know the language, they explained the situation to me in English.
  • My ugly situation.
  • "Your parents took loads of money from an important person and did not pay yet. This morning we found them dead in a gambling house on the other side of the city. Since they cannot pay the debt now, boss told us to bring you as collateral. Now move." He said in a rough tone which made me shiver in utter fear.
  • Tears rolled down from my eyes when I heard the news of my parents' death and more tears flowed when my life took down from bad to worse.
  • I was pulled to a middle age man who gave money to my parents and was thrown at his feet for mercy. He had a disgusting look in his eyes that I didn't know the meaning of it then. He pulled my chin up and examined my face for a good few minutes and smirked in triumph like he found what he was looking for.
  • "You will pay for what your parents owed me through your young beautiful body. Mars will put you into the escort house and you being a good little girl, pleasure men, gather money and pay back." Was what said to me and in three hours I found myself signing a contract forcefully that it would take approximately thirteen years to repay the debt and interest and I would be working as an escort until I payback.
  • The contract stated that if I paid back the money before the mentioned time, I still need to serve them until the contractual time was completed.
  • Wasn't it cruel?
  • To put a girl who doesn't even know what an escort house is, in a dangerous place for sale? But those people don't know what a heart is and what feelings are. They just threw me in the disgusting place without any remorse.
  • Two nights later from signing the contract, I found myself on the stage being ready to be auctioned for a man who would take my virginity and assault me physically.
  • I still could remember the day when I was sobbing silently on the dais and no one cared about me. Not a person tried to console me or tell me that everything would be fine.
  • I felt like I lost a war and was about to get beheaded for an unknown crime until... I heard his voice.
  • Sweet, gentle yet a firm voice...
  • Flashback - Thirteen years ago
  • Why did mom and dad have to take money from that rude man? I don't want to be here.
  • I cried and sobbed but no one cared. All they need was a girl to sell to their customers. When they took me here two days ago, the manager sir here said that I can make heaps of money the only thing I need to do is not do anything and let my master handle me.
  • I am terrified and want to run as far as I can but these people have a country of guards to keep an eye on everyone.
  • I don't want to become a prostitute. I want to get a degree in digital communication and work in a good company later followed by getting married to a good man.
  • But all my wishes are drowned now. I cannot study anymore. I cannot have a decent marriage anymore.
  • "Move, b**ch" The supervisor lady yelled and pushed me on to the dais .I turned back to walk away but she pushed me again and closed the doors to the backstage.
  • Is there any way I can save myself?
  • Please God, help me.
  • "Phoebe here is a delicious little virgin untouched and untainted. She is all yours for two nights from tonight and the bid start from Five hundred dollars." The host announced and got the response from the audience with hoots and howls.
  • It is dark and the only light in the hall is on me but I can feel creepy gazes on me; also my dress is not helping me at all. I was forced to wear a see through black lingerie which contrasted my white skin color and which hugged me tightly accentuating my breasts and my private parts.
  • I tried to wrap my hands around myself trying to protect myself from sickening eyes with a heavy defeated heart.
  • I did not show my exposed skin to anyone till now and I feel so embarrassed to wear such disgusting thing and stand in front of men.
  • "Six hundred dollars." I heard a male voice which sounded old and kind of hazed with alcohol.
  • "Eight hundred dollars"
  • "Thousand dollars"
  • No I need to run away.
  • "Thousand and five hundred dollars"
  • I need to look for a good time and escape from here. I need to run away.
  • "Thousand and seven hundred dollars."
  • "Ah, I see the little lady has captured important men here." The host chuckled continuing with the bid. "Thousand and seven hundred dollars goes one... two ? The host was confirming the bid when he was interrupted by a young and a mesmerizing voice I ever heard.
  • I cannot see his face because it's very dark, but I can make out a shadow approaching the other side of the dais and talking something seriously with the host.
  • Through the little light that was thrown, I could tell that he is wearing a dark brown jacket and his hair stood up in dark spikes. I want to see this boy who spent so much to buy me but since his back was to me, I cannot.
  • Who is this boy that has such money to even buy a woman?
  • Is he from the same gangster group that sent me here?
  • Or is he taking loans like my parents did?
  • I learnt my lesson that taking huge loans is dangerous and I will not take them. Once I'm free from here, I will rather beg than take loans from random gangster people.
  • "Sold to Mr. Russo!" The host hollered cheerfully and turned towards me with eyes full of dollar symbols.
  • I guess he made a lot of money from selling me. But I decide to run away in these two days and leave to a faraway place where no one of them can find me.
  • I need to save myself .I cannot just sit hand in hand and wait for my dignity to be trampled by these men.
  • Never!
  • "Let's go, Bella." I yelped when I suddenly felt a raspy whisper in my ear, hot air tickling my skin. I jumped and turned around only to come face to face with the most beautiful creature on earth.
  • When did he come here?
  • Oh no!
  • ~*~*~*~*~*~