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Chapter 150 Break Up With Your Fiancée

  • I sat aside for quite some time while drinking a glass of iced tea served by the housekeeper. Judging from the conversation between Kristoff and Macie, Macie had been staying with her mom ever since her parents got divorced. She came back now because she was on a semester break. Also, I realized that Macie and Augustus didn't have the same last name because she used her mom's last name. As such, the question that lingered for quite some time was finally answered.
  • For the entire time there, Kristoff had ignored me and didn't even glance at me, even though we were there for quite some time. Nevertheless, I felt relieved, for I didn't wish to speak to him. After all, I remembered how Kristoff pretended to be kind but ended up injuring my forehead with his walking stick. Even until now, I couldn't forgive him for what he did.
  • Since I couldn't get even with Augustus or the Adler family, the very least I could do was to avoid Kristoff. As I was deep in thought, I moved back to sit even further away from Kristoff. Nonetheless, Kristoff was sharp-eyed and cast a sideways glance at me the moment I moved. Upon meeting his piercingly sharp gaze, I was startled and looked elsewhere. Deep down, I heaved a sigh helplessly and wished that I could avoid seeing him and never come here again.
  • As I moved aside, Augustus suddenly grabbed my hand. I felt relieved and safe once I saw Augustus' hand on mine. Is Augustus protecting me? Feeling touched, I looked up and flashed him a smile.
  • Unfortunately, what happened next proved that I misunderstood it. The next moment, Kristoff started mentioning me, and thus I realized that Augustus merely used me to irritate Kristoff.
  • Augustus probably felt disgusted by how cheerful the atmosphere was and wished to tear it apart.
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