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Chapter 4 Acceptance

  • His words rang in my ears like a siren, deafening me almost instantly. He threw my neck back onto the bed, visibility still angry. He flipped the sheets back and smiled with malice as he evaluated my body.
  • My chest was heaving expeditiously with every passing moment. His hand gently slid away from my neck and down to my cleavage. He was tormenting me, taking long strides down to my stomach and stopping at the lining of my underwear.
  • “Hurry up and recover. I am getting impatient,” was a lie he never told.
  • The moment I saw the lust in his eyes, my fear dissipated. This would be my opportunity; I would use this against him. All roads have to lead to my freedom one way or the other.
  • I thought he would leave after this, but he stayed by my side and his hand still securely rooted in me.
  • A while later, he began to rub my waist. Slow at first, his movements following a gentle protocol, trailing to a more temperamental motion. His tongue was moving inside of his mouth, giving away his true intentions.
  • Following this, his middle finger crept in on the side of my underwear. His eyes darted to mine, speaking words of a zealous nature.
  • I fought against myself to not show any emotions, giving him back a blank stare. Seeing that he was adamant about wagering his skills on me, my observation would need to determine my next move to crush his spirit.
  • He leaned in and licked my left breast, his tongue warm and strong. It gave off the feeling of greed laced in those vigorous muscles. I watched as he closed his eyes, enjoying himself, navigating through the material to get to the inner flesh.
  • It was time for me to detach my feelings and remove my pleasure from any sensuality that came from his touch. When he saw me not reacting, he knew that he had lost this round. Paul slightly lifted his head to face me, his eyes indicating that he was not impressed.
  • Without saying a word, he got up and left. The door slammed shut, sending an echo across the quiet room, followed by the sounds of him locking it. Left alone to ponder what happened, an enchanting smile graced my face at the thought of his displeasure.
  • It gave me the strength I needed to carry on. I was now sure of the fact that he wanted me to cave into him, to plead for his touch and scream his name in tunes of pleasure. It was what he lived for.
  • His mentality had taught him that as long as a woman’s body reacted to his touch, he was doing good in the world, that it would erase all of the bad that he had done.
  • I remember being so happy, seeing him like that. The joy of it danced in my veins as I lay on the bed relishing in my accomplishment. I got out of bed and stood by the window, looking outside at the manicured gardens, the sunshine illuminating all the beautiful flowers that were planted.
  • The irony of life, how beautiful and blissful it was out there compared to the cold and misery we felt inside. It dawned on me that I had never seen this place before - this room, the outside, with such low walls, hardly any security guards prancing about.
  • I wanted to snoop and see what I could find, then thought against it, remembering that Paul was cautious. Given that I had to be brought back he must have taken precautionary measures. This place could be swamped with cameras watching my every move.
  • Instead, I looked through the wardrobe and found a plain white T-shirt. The bathroom was en-suite, something that Paul always made sure of with any room he placed me in. I enjoyed a lovely bath.
  • For a cruel man, Paul had good taste in hair care products. My curly hair smelt great after the wash, the fruity scent reminding me of fresh peaches. The daybed in the corner by the windows was the perfect spot to settle in.
  • The view was absolutely amazing, it reminded me of the days when I was free to go outside as I wished. When the door finally opened, Paul ambled in with a plate of food in his hands. It was a delicious colourful quinoa still piping hot. He strode up to me to hand over the plate.
  • “I see you are feeling better already. I won’t have to wait for too long,” his eyes fixed on my exposed thigh. The temptation was strong for him as he struggled to divert his eyes away.
  • His clenched jaws gave away his position. Once again, I uttered in my heart, "Thank goodness he is a busy man," for the phone calls that came through he needed to answer.
  • As he walked away, I enjoyed my meal simmering in victory. I knew I would need to endure all of this and appreciate these little victories, but who knows how long this would last?
  • He had conquered me before and he must have it in his mind that he will conquer me again. Queenie came in to make the bed, she eyed me with a smile. She grabbed the sheets and removed them in silence.
  • As she was walking to the other side, she quickly whispered to me, “You are back? Master Paul is very happy about it. Maybe this time you should stay and save us all the trouble of his horrid temper.”
  • I rolled my eyes, “How can you care about such a creature? His happiness is my pain.”
  • She breathed out slowly, “His happiness saves a lot of lives, think of that.”
  • I had only gone for a few weeks or something close, so what could Paul have done to make even Queenie a fan of his? It only proved my point- he was a selfish unfeeling man who only wanted what he wanted.
  • I stood up and walked to stand beside Queenie. “Queenie, what is this place?”
  • She stopped folding. “We are now on a private island off the coast of Santa Vries. There are only two ways to leave, by air or by water. Air is the best, so if you do not know how to fly a helicopter or plane, please be nice to the master. If you run away, he will find you.”
  • “An island! I should practise my swimming; I am sure I can make it to the next shoreline.”
  • Queenie’s laugh warmed my heart. “You silly girl, what do you think you are a shark?”
  • I shook my head, “Why is he so insisted on me? There was Lara who has been by his side for better or worse, and other women who would kill to be here. I just want to go home.”
  • She held my shoulder and clicked her tongue, “Forgot about home. As long as Master Paul lives, you will never be free of him. It is best to accept what is.”
  • You must be wondering by now; how did I get here?