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  • Miranda slowly rises, but she is stopped by Andrew's voice; he is walking towards her, conversing with the businessmen; she turns her head back to the direction where she saw the odd man, but he is no longer there. Why did he bolt when he spotted Andrew approaching?! 
  • Andrew approached the table by himself and drew her into his arms. She could detect the scent of tobacco on his skin and wondered where he had gone with those men. Her gaze was still drawn elsewhere as she scanned the restaurant for that weird man. 
  • "Are you on the lookout for something?" He inquired, his mouth at her earlobe's side. 
  • "Nothing significant. I'm just loving the restaurant's aesthetics." She pretended to smile. 
  • His embrace appears to be a strange combination of emotion, possession, and desire. He doesn't seem to want to leave Miranda alone, so Miranda believes he's temporarily out of control. He cradles her in his arms, savoring her warm embrace. 
  • A blonde waitress walked up to their table with a frown on her face, but when she got there, she smiled and stuck out her butt, let her breast up, and bent over deliberately to show the man her cleavages. Andrew paid her no mind. Miranda simply raised her brows in response to the waitress' overt seduction. 
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