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  • "To control my inner demons, I need to hurt you. I want to kiss you till your lips bleed from my kisses. I really desire you while you're clumsy and stubborn. I'd like to feel you attain your orgasm a dozen times, but only if I give you permission. I want you to be frantic to see me. I want complete dominance over you, and I want to hear your anguish screams in my ears like a Melody till my inner demons are tamed and my beast can rest in its claws." As he gazes into her eyes, he takes a big breath and swallows. "Every day, I want you to be on my bed, yearning for my touch. I want you to be compelled by my presence, my touch, and my beast. As I continue to pound you, I want to watch you cry beneath me." He gives a sarcastic smile. 
  • Miranda could feel her stomach doing a backflip. He had a strange desire for her, but it was obviously dark and romantic. This strange but naughty man desired her, but why does he want to see her cry while fucking her?! 
  • His comments had made her so horny that she genuinely wanted him, she flushed. 
  • "You're only going to hurt me if I beg you to?! " She gave a kind smile. 
  • "Yes, indeed. You will be punished if you continue to disobey me because you do so frequently." 
  • " Why do you require my services?! " 
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