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  • Miranda had finished her work when Andrew called her on the Telecom and asked her to come into his office. Wasn't he supposed to be meeting with that attractive stranger?! She quietly opened the door and noticed Andrew seated in his CEO chair, while Santiago sat in his office on the couch, staring at a power point. 
  • When Andrew saw Miranda walk in, he motioned for her to sit on his lap, which she did. They could see the surprise in Santiago's eyes as he raised his head and glanced at Miranda, who was seated on Andrew's lap. Her superior. 
  • As he peered at them, Santiago remained bewildered, and Miranda could feel Andrew's knuckles tense as he stared at Santiago.
  • "You must keep your gaze away from my lady. I won't let you stare lustfully at my property just because you're one of my business partners. Is it clear what I'm trying to say?" Andrew's tone was firm enough for Santiago to comprehend. He'd made a serious error by gazing at Andrew's woman, but wasn't she his personal assistant? He frowned; he had liked her the first time he saw her because she appeared innocent, and her eyes could bring any guy to his knees, but what does she have to make Andrew defend her so much?! Andrew had been spotted with tens of thousands of different women, but he had never acknowledged any of them. Andrew is a womanizer, but not one who only fucks one woman, according to him. He enjoys experimenting with different ladies and is unconcerned if Santiago sleeps with any of them. Santiago had known Andrew for a long time and knew the only lady he adores and worships, and that woman was... 
  • " Do you know what I'm talking about?! " Andrew's words pierced his thoughts, causing him to snap back into reality and nod his head. 
  • "I had no idea she was yours. I'm sure, like the other women, she won't stay long, so I understand." He stopped laughing awkwardly when he caught Andrew staring at him. Santiago's attention was drawn to the frail woman who sat on his lap, She was nervously bending her head and fiddling with her fingers. 
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