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  • Miranda was surprised to not see Andrew on the bed when she awoke the next day. She had waited for him to return, but it appears that he did not return last night. She grinned, realizing that she was beginning to think of the castle as her home. She thought it was ridiculous that she had chosen the castle as her residence. Andrew, dressed in a white jacket and purple trousers, strolled in through the door to her room, looking quite sexy. She couldn't take her gaze away from his naked chest. He simply grinned when he caught her staring at him. 
  • " Good morning," she says. She smiled as she greeted him. 
  • "Did you get a good night's sleep?! " 
  • "Yes, I had a good night's sleep. Why didn't you return home the night before?!" She said something that surprised Andrew, and he grinned as he realized she was calling his house her home, even though it wasn't his. When they returned from their trip to Switzerland, he decided to take her to his own home. 
  • "Stop asking so many questions; I don't owe you any explanations for why I didn't come to my house," he said, and he could see the hurt in her eyes. He had hurt her with his words, but what could he do? He didn't want to give her false hope that he would love her. He isn't a romantic. He doesn't have the term "love" in his lexicon. 
  • He nodded as she whispered under her breath, "I'm sorry for straying beyond my boundaries." 
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