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  • He carried her up the stairs into the same room when they entered the castle. When they walked in, the maids greeted them with a worried expression, as if they didn't understand why one of their bosses was upset. They knew the lady was to blame, but who is she to him in the first place?! One of his whores, perhaps. The majority of them snorted at her since they had a secret crush for Andrew. Maybe their boss was upset because she wasn't very good in bed. 
  • Andrew forced her into the bed after opening the door. 
  • "'Did those men touch you?!' Miranda flinched as he roared. 
  • " No, they didn't,"  She responded. 
  • 'I told you not to leave my side,' " Why don't you pay attention to what I'm saying?!" He screamed
  • "I don't listen to you because I'm not the lady you want me to be, a subservient woman," She retorted, not sure where the boldness came from, but it seemed to enrage him even more because he gripped her wrist tightly, and she gasped as his long fingernails pierced her skin. He was inflicting pain on her. 
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