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  • When the chauffeur arrived at the airport, he came out to open the door for her, and she saw Andrew and his driver arriving with Andrew's baggage. He beckoned for her to walk over to the check-in, and she wasn't shocked when pedestrians gazed at them, but Miranda knew that most of their attention was drawn to the handsome man. Andrew was dressed in an emerald suit with silver cufflinks, while she wore black trousers and a sunflower top. She accompanied him to the airport, where they checked in his plane. Miranda's eyes widened as she realized he had his own private plane! Well, he's a fucking Billionaire CEO, so what does she expect? She couldn't help but gaze longingly at the white plane bearing the Templeton Airway logo.
  • They were seated, and the air hostess changed into an extremely short black skirt and a white shirt with three of her buttons undone, exposing her breast. Miranda raised her eyebrows as she greeted them while casting sultry glances at Andrew. 
  • " Please fasten your seat belts, we are ready to take off," she said as she continued to stare at Andrew, who returned her stare with a smirk as she walked away, leaving Miranda puzzled. It seemed they knew each other, or perhaps Andrew had been sleeping with his own air hostess. 
  • Miranda cast a glance out the window. "Did you get enough sleep today?! " he inquired, his gaze fixed on her. 
  • " I didn't sleep so well. " She mutters something. 
  • " You were expecting me?" It sounded more like a question, but it was actually a response. 
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