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  • Miranda slowly opened her eyes as the sun crept in through the window. She moved her gaze to the clock on the table next to the bed, which read ten o'clock in the morning, which seemed odd. What happened to her?! Why did her body feel so heavy and achy? Her eyes were still dizzy. Miranda's body feels as if it's been shattered. She feels a heavyweight crushing against her and imagines herself being crushed beneath a giant truck; her head was also beating heavily. When she regained consciousness, she realized it was a male. She gasps but can't seem to find enough oxygen to breathe, and she remembers Andrew torturing her till she screamed her eyes out the night before. She notices that the handcuffs and blindfolds have been removed, but her legs are still flatly bound on the bed, and the jerk inside her is still asleep. 
  • " What a pervert!" exclaims Miranda. As everything went dark, she groaned in her mind. When she awoke, she looked around the room and discovered they were still in the hotel; she attempted to stretch her arms out but felt a warm body next to hers. She attempted carefully to move his massive bulk away from hers, but she had no idea that this would awaken his beast. He sighed and slowly opened his eyes, staring at her puzzled expression. Miranda sensed something moving slowly inside her, and her face flushed like a cherry as she understood that her little motion had hardened the beast inside her, and that he was now slowly moving in and out of her. 
  • She couldn't say anything. This man looks to be unable to control his sexual desires. 
  • Miranda was utterly exhausted after a series of sex that morning; she could recall how he kept thrusting into her last night and tormented her while her eyes were blindfolded. She didn't even know what exactly he did to her but she could feel his movement on her body but couldn't fathom what he was doing that made her cry her lungs out. 
  • " How are you doing?! " Andrew enquired. 
  • As he looked down at the pale woman beneath him, he hovered over her, his weight supported by his hands propped on either side of her torso. 
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