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  • " Relax, cupcake, I'm not going to hurt you until you ask me to," he says, his mouth near her ear, and she exhales gently, her eyes closed. She feels cold air on her nude body and understands Andrew has let her go, but her face is still against the wall, so she turns to face him. He felt a stab of sadness in his heart when he noticed a sting of blood on her bottom lip. What was that sensation? What could it possibly be?! He looks at her as if he suddenly regrets injuring her, but he doesn't say anything. 
  • " I think you should go get some rest." As he puts on his boxers and takes up her shredded black lace underwear. He moves away from the living room, folding the fabric into his palm.
  • Miranda sighed as she clutched her face in her palm. 'I'm not going to hurt you until you ask me to', and she remembered what he had just said. What exactly does he mean when he says that word?! 
  • Miranda couldn't sleep that night because she couldn't stop thinking about Andrew, and she'd already gotten a lot of sleep on the aircraft and didn't feel sleepy. 
  • Miranda was astonished to find herself on the bed when she awoke about 8 a.m. the next day. She'd fallen asleep at 4 a.m. while watching TV, so how did she end up here?! Andrew had already gotten nicely dressed in stunning slacks and a black singlet matched with a red blazer, she saw when she raised her head. He appears to be much more intimidating and attractive.
  • "Where are you going?! " she couldn't help but ask, puzzled. 
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