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Chapter 80

  • Vladimir’s pov
  • There was nothing important since the pages have been ripped off and I couldn’t get anything sensible but scraps and short summary of what happened. It was like they didn’t want anything to do with him anymore because everything about him was cancelled.  I couldn’t find any information about him or his mate. He wasn’t written off as dead either.
  • Konstantin Ivanov was born a pure vampire and was the heir to throne after his father, he was stubborn and loyal to the clan. He fought for the clan and he was always obedient to the rules. He was to be next in line and he had been well prepared for it. 
  • He has been trained, taught and schooled about the vampire culture enough that he can argue about it in his sleep.
  • Everyone loved him and looked forward to him being king but there was the issue of him not finding his mate.
  • Vampires are known for carrying rumors and the rumor that he was mate less went around so fast and spread like wild fire. He heard it and he was sad but he didn’t give up.
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